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About Children's Heart Project

There are many children in the world today who suffer from congenital heart defects. Unfortunately, due to difficult family circumstances or the lack of specialized medical technology, many are unable to receive the necessary medical care and undergo surgery despite their desperate need.

Children’s Heart Project, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse Korea, provides surgical treatment and a stable recovery environment for these children whose lives are threatened by congenital heart defects. However, Children’s Heart Project aims to provide more than medical support.

Our mission, first and foremost, is to share the Good News of the Gospel so that the children not only receive a new heart, but a new life through Christ. Through our partnership with host churches and host families, the beneficiary families are able to experience the power of the Gospel on a daily basis as they see the love of Christ in action.

Children's Heart Project at a Glance










12 Countries

Since 1997, Samaritan’s Purse has provided life changing surgery and care to children from 12 different countries: Mongolia, Bolivia, Uganda, Nepal, Iraq, Bosnia, Honduras, Nigeria, and Kosovo.

1,440+ Lives

Over 1,440 children have received healing - both through medical treatment and spiritual care.

65 Partner Hospitals

In the United States, Samaritan’s Purse actively collaborates with over 65 medical institution to aid in the beneficiary selection process and provide post-surgery care.

The Ministry Process

Project Schedule

  • Week 1-2 Undergo heart surgery and recovery period at a specialized cardiac hospital that donates their services

  • Week 3-4 Spend time with host churches and host families, who provide spiritual and physical care in their own homes (duration may vary).

  • Following their return home, children will continue to receive check-ups from partner hospitals and become connected to local churches.

  • *Host churches play an important role in the ministry by interceding together in prayer for the children, inviting the beneficiary families to worship services and sharing the Gospel. Host families are members of the host churches that volunteer to share their homes with the families and provide support as their main point of contact during the recovery process.

Step 1

Partner with Local Hospitals to Select Beneficiaries

Step 2

Partner with Host Churches and Host Families

Step 3

Beneficiaries and Interpreters Arrive in Korea

Step 6

Follow up Care

Step 5

Beneficiaries and Interpreters Return Home

Step 4

Receive Surgery and Connect with Host Church/Host Families

Fruits of the Ministry

"I used to think that I only needed heart surgery, but I realized there is a big hole in our souls that needs to be filled. God is the One who fills the hole."

Bat-Ulzii’s Story

At 13 years old, Bat-Ulzii received the opportunity to undergo life-changing surgery and have a fresh start to life. During his recovery period, he encountered the message of the Gospel and decided to follow Christ. Now a discipleship pastor in Mongolia, he has dedicated his life to sharing the Good News of Jesus to others.

“I thought all I needed to live was a heart surgery, but through the Children’s Heart Project, I realized that the hole in my soul also needed to be filled. My desperate soul was filled with God’s great grace!”

Now and for Eternity

Children’s Heart Project hopes to see continuous growth in the lives of the children who receive surgery, even after they return home. With the goal of sharing the Gospel, we intentionally partner with local churches that will continue to sow seeds of living hope into the children and their families through follow-up visits once they return home. Samaritan’s Purse ensures that the children are connected to local and healthy church communities that can continue to provide this support.

For Victor, who lives in Uganda, his successful heart surgery was a gift of God’s grace. “To receive love and salvation from Jesus Christ is a great blessing!” declared his father. Through home visits, two of his family members gave their lives to the Lord. Victor’s family have gone on to share the Gospel message in their village and over 70 people gather together to worship the Lord.

Hundreds of children are waiting. Your church can help.

Join us today to give children the gift of new life and hope through Children's Heart Project!


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