Livelihoods and Vocational Projects

Samaritan’s Purse supports financially vulnerable families by providing vocational training and helps households and communities transition from subsistence living to income generation, securing a better future. With a donation of 150,000 KRW, you can gift one household with vocational education for stable income activities.

Samaritan’s Purse provides various vocational education programs such as cooking, handicrafts, carpentry, sewing, and car repair to support low-income families and financially vulnerable groups such as refugees, ethnic minorities, women, and people with disabilities. Our goal is to help them achieve a sustainable income, enabling them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Additionally, beneficiaries can take classes and receive training on savings, financial stability and learn how to manage money effectively and plan for their future. Such knowledge empowers them to become self-reliant, escape poverty, exploitation, and chronic hunger.

Your gift provides opportunities for beneficiaries from socially vulnerable groups to receive diverse training and helpful resources, allowing them to transition from agricultural life to becoming small business owners. This not only helps them generate a stable income but also boosts their self-esteem and instills hope for a better future.

“I am empowered by the fact that I can grow my own food to feed my family. Through this program, I realized that the God of creation also created me, and that He is our ultimate provider.”
Corpus (Beekeeping beneficiary in Liberia) 

Project Locations

South Sudan, Liberia, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Cambodia, Congo


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