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Find out the various stories about Samaritan’s Purse activities with supports from good Samaritans.

OCC Stories

The Greatest Journey Begins to Draw a Family to Christ

Aunt Ilsa is much loved by her village nestled in the mountains of Central Asia. this 60-year-old retired teacher operates an educational center that offers English and dance lessons to the community. In addition, she hosts Operation Christmas Child outreach events to distribute gift boxes and share about God’s love.

OCC Stories

Nancy and a Photograph

I grew up in the Middle East with four siblings and my parents, who worked really hard to take care of us. We lived close to a mountain and it was far away from everything. We didn’t have playgrounds, so we would play soccer in the middle of the street. We would build seesaws using pieces of wood and bricks from an old construction site.

OCC Stories

Karabo and a Comb

I still carry a brown comb in my pocket that I received in an Operation Christmas Child gift box when I was 11. It’s more than just a practical help, it reassures me of God’s faithfulness every time I look at it. It is a reminder that God knows my needs, even the little things—and that brings me joy. I experienced heartbreaking loss early in life. My father died when I was 5. Not long afterward, my mother left me with my grandma, and I didn’t see my mother again for years.

OCC Stories

Island with No Power, No Airport Receives Gift Boxes

The small island of Enubirr has no electrical power and no airport. Located in the central Pacific between the Philippines and Hawaii, Enubirr is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and home to just over 1,000 people. Most residents work on the neighboring island of Roi-Namur, which is leased to the U.S. government as a military base. Four churches dot the island—though, sadly, many lack a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

OCC Stories

David and his Toy Car

My interest in figuring out how things work, how things can be taken apart and put back together to work even better, probably started with that toy car…

OCC Stories

Dana and her Hygiene Items

Growing up in Romania, my parents worked in a steel plant. My dad was a mechanic and my mum was a crane operator. Even though they both worked full-time jobs, the value of money wasn’t strong enough after the fall of communism to buy very much. We had our lights on and food on the table, but we didn’t have much beyond the very basic needs…

OCC Stories

Shanika & Sherika and their Notebooks

We received notebooks and pencils in our gift boxes in Jamaica at age 8. Before this, our father cut a notebook and pencil in half so we’d have school supplies…

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